You know you're on the right track. You learned how insulin is the key, that high carb foods spike your insulin constantly, making it easy to store fat and very hard to lose fat. And you cut it all out. So why are you still not losing?

TL;DR: you're deaf to your true satiety signal.

You have two satiety signals. Or rather, two signals that your body sends to make you stop eating:

  1. True satiety: you can stop eating now because I got all the nutrients I need: minerals, protein and energy. Thanks! ✅
  2. Fullness: please stop eating because my stomach is filled to capacity! ⛔️

Any animal will always keep eating until it at least gets all the essential nutrients it needs (#1), especially protein, because amino acids are essential building blocks for our bodies.

This actually explains why we've all gotten fat in the western world.

Long story short: we've all started eating foods that are high in energy (carbs & fats) but low in nutrients (protein), so that we ended up having to eat more and more food & energy to get to the same level of true satiety.

Because of this, the average American now eats +5lbs of food per day.

Doing this for decades on end has consequences.

If you always eat a low nutrient density diet, your body will almost always reach satiety signal #2 way before it ever gets near actual satiety. So you get used to eating until you're full and you become all but deaf to satiety signal #1.

You've conditioned yourself to associate a certain weight/volume of food with satiety.

Now, when you go keto/carnivore, you're eating foods with a significantly higher nutrient density, so you shouldn't have this problem. You should get to satiety signal #1 way sooner, having to eat way less food than on a standard high-carb diet to get there.

But you can keep eating.

And if you keep eating because you're only listening for satiety signal #2, like you're used to, you're still going to chronically overeat–especially if you're adding fats, such as bacon grease to the mix.

Bottom line: if you're eating the same weight/volume in carnivore foods as you were eating on a standard diet, you are overeating.

5 pounds of meat and fat can easily be over 6,000 calories! 🥓

The people in the low-carb community who claim that it's literally impossible to gain fat eating a carnivore diet only say this because they don't have a problem with their satiety signals.

Their bodies tell them to stop (#1) way before they can overeat, and so they conclude that it's impossible to overeat on carnivore.

It's not.

If you override or ignore signal #1 and eat all the way until #2 you will overeat and gain weight, even on carnivore.

I'm in the process of fixing this myself. If you're interested in my story, my lessons learned and how I'm zeroing in on health today, check out my diet chronicles.