"Should I lower my standards?"

Maybe you've had this thought creeping in your mind this week.

"Maybe getting into that company I love is too much of a long shot right now. Maybe I should just apply for any job that seems tolerable."

It sounds reasonable at first glance.

But you're forgetting one major thing: your genuine excitement is a valuable asset.

And by going for jobs you're not excited about you're not lowering your standards as much as you're just lowering your level of excitement.

Faking enthusiasm to land a job you won't even like.

That's no way to live.

If anything, you should be raising your level of excitement! Because only for the jobs you're genuinely passionate about will you be able to really go above and beyond.

Do the research, deep dive, really think about what it is you love about this company's mission. Find the right people to reach out to, build something for them that shows you're too good to ignore, then pitch them on the fire you'll bring if they hire you on.

That's how you win a job!

So, don't go bland.

Keep your head up, and hunt!