I recently bit the bullet and switched to using VS Code as my code editor. And I have to admit it works really nicely. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that make life easier.

Editor general

Close active tab:
Cmd W

Ctrl `

New terminal:
Shift Ctrl `

Toggle Sidebar:
Cmd \

Toggle word wrap:
Option Z

Change tabs:
Ctrl Tab

Search workspace:
Shift Cmd F

Command pallet:
Shift Cmd P

Cmd ,

In-file navigation

To beginning/end of line:
Cmd left/right

Move line up/down:
Option up/down

Search in file:
Cmd F

Select word:
Cmd D

Select until next word:
Cmd Option left/right

Select until end of line:
Shift Cmd left/right

Multiple cursors:
Cmd click

Copy (default: entire line):
Cmd C

Insert line below:
Cmd Enter

Go to matching bracket {}:
Shift Cmd \