The school system is a strange animal. It claims to be focused on learning and self-improvement, but the school system itself never learns or improves.

Classrooms have looked basically the same for centuries and the same goes for learning methods, which are still based on authoritarian, top-down, one-size-fits-all instruction, focused on passing standardized tests.

It doesn't matter how many people are failed by the school system, the school won't change. The student will get an F, but the school will remain exactly how it was.

Schools don't learn.

The same goes for most of the teachers, by the way. Those who are supposed to be in charge of helping our children learn and grow; and who are supposed to be their role models.

They, themselves, will usually remain utterly stagnant for decades. They are just fine doing the exact same thing year after year, going over the same materials over and over.

In fact, most teachers resist having to change or learn anything new. Training required by the school they work for, or learning new technologies or multimedia materials the school is going to use, makes them very uncomfortable. They hate it, especially when the learning is mandatory (ironically).

What a sad reality.

Imagine being subjected to a system like that, where the person holding authority over you and making you learn all kinds of trivial stuff; can't be bothered to learn how the new digital whiteboard works.

Learn as I say, not as I do.

It's no wonder that most people stop learning entirely, after they have finally left the school system. It's no wonder. But it is still very sad.