If you're into reading biographies of very successful people, you might have noticed a pattern: there always seems to be a of lot of serendipity involved.

Running into just the right person at a random event.

Someone heard about the thing they were building through a friend of a friend and decided to reach out.


Such happy accidents, seemingly based on pure chance, can often turn out to be a decisive factor to the success story.

And although this can be very fun to read, it can also be a little frustrating.

Especially if you're reading the biography of this successful person in order to learn from what they did so that you can improve your own life and career.

How are you supposed to emulate good luck?

That's where today's lesson comes in: you can increase your luck surface area.

Putting yourself out there, starting projects, telling people about it, learning new things, blogging about it, posting on social media, going to meetups to share what you're working on, etc.

All these things make it more likely that serendipity will happen, because there are just more points of contact where it can happen.

In short, it increases your luck surface area.

"Writing that blog post won’t guarantee you get a job. But it increases the odds that something will happen somewhere. If you get enough activity out there, the odds multiply. It becomes almost inevitable that something will happen."
- Dave Wasmer

So make sure you work out loud, learn out loud, create projects and be vocal about what you're doing.

It will increase your chances of good luck manyfold.