About my experience fasting Snake Diet style over the last month and what I'm doing next.

First, my apologies for being a little late again. This time it's because I had a little trouble renewing my SSL certificate. Comodo kept sending me faulty certificates, so cornevanstraten.com was down for a little while. Luckily, I fixed it today with Let's Encrypt (recommended), so we're back in the air.

Anyway, back to diet stuff.

Over the last month, I experimented with a few different fasting protocols and lost 12lbs on the whole. 🙌

Lost 12lbs in less than a month

I know 12lbs isn't exactly shockingly fast by Snake Diet standards, but that's because there were some hiccups.

The first ten days, I was doing 40-42 hour fasts with a 6-8 hour eating windows, back to back. That went pretty well, but I wanted to see if I could up my game a little bit.

So next up was fasting two days in a row, with one eating window on Wednesday (lunch + dinner) and one big eating window on the weekend, from Saturday (lunch) to Sunday (dinner).

The idea here was that a bigger eating window would help me keep my meals smaller. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. I tended to take the long fasts as an excuse to eat a lot on the eating days, costing me a lot of progress on the weekends especially.

Then, I took a break for Thanksgiving and the subsequent days for leftovers. All the breaks were off during this time, which made me gain quite some weight back.

Luckily, that weight came right back off with my newest protocol that I'm following now: rolling 48s. This basically means that I have one meal every other day. I keep this meal animal-based and low-carb. I also try to stay under 2k calories in that one meal, which isn't too hard seeing that it's only one meal.

I've already had some good success with this protocol over the last few days. It seems like the best of both worlds. The fasts are short and easy enough to be sustainable, yet the payoff is substantial enough to keep motivation high.

Another benefit of this way of eating is that I can keep lifting hard, because I don't fast long enough to ever completely deplete muscle glycogen. 💪

I've slightly adjusted my lifting protocol to this:

Heavy lower:
3x3 Squats
2x3 Deadlifts

Heavy upper:
3x3 Bench
3x3 Row
2x3 Overhead press
2xX Pull ups

Volume lower:
3x3 Squats
2x3 Deadlifts

Volume upper:
3x9 Bench
3x9 Row
2x9 Overhead press
2xX Pull ups

The idea here is to keep intensity high on the heavy days, to give my body a reason to hold on to its muscle mass while losing weight.

And so far, it seems to work, because it doesn't seem like I've lost any strength. In fact, I'm still increasing the weights every week.

The plan for this month is to keep rolling with the 48s and dip below 220lbs (hopefully for the last time ever) before the end of the year – ideally before Christmas. 🎄

I'll keep you all updated!