My political views are a little bit unconventional. They're not typical for where I'm from (Europe) nor for where I live now (America). Yet, they're based on a philosophy of ethics that is almost universally accepted outside of politics. Let me explain.

I am an AnCap. I believe that violence can only ever be justly used against those who violate other people's property rights.

That's it.

Nothing odd so far, you could say. And you would be right, except that I don't make an exception for the state.

I recognize the reality that the state is founded on (and funded by) violating the property rights of peaceful people, and therefore believe that the state should not exist at all.

Any and all functions currently performed by the state can be better arranged through voluntary cooperation, such as free markets and charities.

The whole philosophy is basically the universal application of a perfectly simple rule we all learned when we were kids:

"Don't hit, don't take".

There should be no exceptions to this rule.

As you can see, as an AnCap, I subscribe to an ethical philosophy rather than a system of preconceived solutions, such as typically proposed by political parties.

Instead, this philosophy allows for everyone to set up and subscribe to any solution they deem best, as long as they do so peacefully.

Liberty. 🗽

If you agree with the ethics of liberty in principle, but struggle to imagine what a stateless society could look like in practice, I recommend reading a few books on the topic such as:

All freely available at